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02/26/1970 sighting of flying object at byram miss

Report ID: 1445 Submitted by: debo

Location: United States, Mississippi, Jackson

Event Date: 02/26/1970  Event Time: 11:00  Submitted: 09/05/2016

Craft Shape: Cigar   Number of objects: 1

Additional Details: Object had lights
Report Details:
Went to byram high school / after an out of town basketball game as a player got back to school after riding the bus got a ride w friend in an old late 50s truck. At intersection of terry rd and Forrest hill rd stopped and viewed strange object in sky . Looking up object was silent and hoovering over us about 500 feet. It had a cylinder shape w 2 round rotating balls on either side w green red yellow lights flickering back and forth from ball to ball. Also this was a long time ago and I have told few people about this experiance. From memory it seems like we peared though the windshield of the truck for about 30 seconds in disbelief then drove on. The night was clear and still. Thinking back I wished we had gotten out of truck and observed better but this is what I saw and remember. It did not look like a blimp and especially this time of night.

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