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Bright orange fire ball in the sky low altitude

Report ID: 96 Submitted by: Lolo92

Location: United States, Michigan, Farmington Hills

Event Date: 05/04/2013  Event Time: 09:00  Submitted: 05/05/2013

Craft Shape: Fireball   Number of objects: 1

Additional Details: Object changed color
Report Details:
I witnessed an orange fire ball with low alititude around 9 930pm moving from all directions left to right up and down mostly side to side. I was also outside with my boyfriend. I had seen this before when I travelled to the United Arab Emerites so immidetly I recognized this in utter belief my boyfriend doesn't believe but I predicted to him what this UFO would do; it would become brighter and dimmer and just disappear into thin air if he would watch because there would be no explanation, and surely of it, the UFO dimmed in and out and disappeared. The Sightings I witnessed in the U A E were identical and I witnessed it there about 4 time in the course of 6 weeks 2 being 1 week apart and it would circle and re appear every I'd say 5-20 minutes it would re appear and do the same a Actions.

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