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miltary owned unidentified flying object

Report ID: 1548 Submitted by: jennife

Location: United States, Illinois, Fairview Heights

Event Date: 05/06/2008  Event Time: 14:00  Submitted: 05/15/2018

Craft Shape: heli. butsmaller two turbines no wings   Number of objects: 1

Additional Details:
Report Details:
it looked kind of like the shape of a helicopter but no propellers. it was much smaller too. there were two young men in the front looking at me looking at them like they were scared. I guess they weren't supposed to be there. it was broad daylight. I was driving home from chuck e cheeses. I don't remember the exact date so I guessed it had to be September cause it was still nice out and I was taking one of my daughters out for her birthday. my other daughter's birthday is in jan. anyway. there were two large turbines on either side. I had my window down some cause I smoke and there was no sound at all. it was just hovering there like it was sitting on something but wasn't. it was surrounded by trees in the back and a business to the front. but you could clearly see it when you turned that busy street for long enough to know what it was. it was in a gravel parking lot of some kind of business. I was the only witness in my car. the girls were playing in the back at the time. I don't know what else it could do. I can only imagine from what I've seen. but it looked like a military thing. it might have been before 2008 I don't remember the year. I tried to report this before when it was fresher in my mind but I never heard anything back and since I was the only witness and I had no picture I figured they didn't care. I have been in the military and never seen anything like it. it was close to scott airforce base so i'm guessing that's where it came from.

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