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Diamond shaped elongated lights vertical

Report ID: 1458 Submitted by: Obrien205

Location: United States, Illinois, Chicago

Event Date: 09/08/1981  Event Time: 02:00  Submitted: 09/16/2016

Craft Shape: Diamond   Number of objects: 1

Additional Details: Electrical or magnetic effects were present
Report Details:
On a summer evening at about 2.00 am I was outside my home watering newly planted sod in our yard all night long with a landscaper, sitting on the steps
chatting, I felt drawn to something in the sky looking to my left, I felt like whatever it was wanted me to see it , almost like it had it's own consciousness, it was a red elongated very narrow diamond shaped illuminated transparent presence. It was pulsating in and out of the atmosphere, in and out , in and out ! It would fade out and them come back in pulsating, this person was my witness. I said to him " " did you see that, what is that? "he said " I don't know, but I will never tell anyone what I saw, it lasted quite a while and then vanished. I call it a presence. Years later maybe 7 years later, a friend was driving me to Pennsylvania on the interstate, but this time it was daylight. It was the same thing again, I had those feelings again that whatever this was it wanted me to see it , almost that it was making a statement to me, some form of communication,. Again I was drawn to raise my head up to the sky to my left and look at this, again I said to this person, " did you see that, he said yes, so both times I had a witness to what I saw. I told him I had seen this about 7 years ago.

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