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Strange lights over Jupiter Florida

Report ID: 1320 Submitted by: Bobbybobby

Location: United States, Florida, Jupiter

Event Date: 10/27/2009  Event Time: 09:00  Submitted: 04/18/2016

Craft Shape: Circle   Number of objects: 4

Additional Details: Object had lights, Other objects surrounding main object
Report Details:
Some friends and I were drinking beer out front of my mom there house. It was dark out and I noticed a light coming from the north moving south. I thought it was a satellite, we see them sometimes on clear nights. Anyhow the object was clearly very high In altitude. The object came to complete stop and astounded all of us. Then other objects that were lighted came off the main on and circled around it very rapidly. Then they came back to the main object and it shot across the sky and came to a complete stop, and the lights came back on and circles the main object once again. This continued a few more times. I got my neighbor a Mormon and twenty year vet of the armed forces who was completely sober and he was dumb founded and had no idea what it was. I'm convinced that what we saw was from another place of not here. It was wild.
What do you think?

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