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UFO . what is it? Did anyone else see this?

Report ID: 1434 Submitted by: reportaufo

Location: United States, California, Modesto

Event Date: 08/28/2016  Event Time: 11:04  Submitted: 08/29/2016

Craft Shape: Disc   Number of objects: 1

Additional Details: Object had lights, Conventional aircrafts were present
Report Details:
No noise could be heard coming from this strange moving surreal unnatural device that shift direction unfermilar to common craft of today , but more with all the form of stereotypical science fiction comicbook alien visitors.. I get the since of distress as I watch the flying saucer tip and turn like a frisbee tossed in the wind and wobble like a magnet fighting to maintain a upright hover between two other magnet forses. Complete with classic halo of lights framing a clear dome top .. lol think Jetsons cartoon.. streaking Into view, the mysterious device merged in with a speed from the north farther than the eyes could see. Mimicking a meteor burning Into out atmosphere. Before coming within distance for undeniable visual description the unidentified craft instantly blacks from shooting streak like a fading ember from a shooting star . Approximately 30 seconds goes by and lights kick on. Many golden button like lights flashing in sequence appear to struggle in an attempt to translate message by code as failing power flickers and dims like bad wiring.. transparent bubble reflect back the lights to outline details of the top ... luminis lining decorating the slightly tented bubbledome top highlight like a silver lining on a questionable dark cloud ,sharing it's perfect reflecting mirror quality that only makes for cloking sence... I attempt many times uncounted minutes to locate this phenomenon through my phone's camera with no success. Somebody must have gotten something on recording of this. Regardless of it's silent feature its size , distance and lighting leaves me to believe it to have been impossible to have been missed buy any Modesto residents Outdoors at the time. All this brings me to the question where are the pictures, questions or comments on last evening's mystery? My opinion, if this was a toy or anything else , I feel I would still be seeing something else appear before my personal perspective .. description of said UFO was close to but not exactly shared in its entirety with minimal visual difference in description that could easily be as simple as POV in combination with cloaking technology and light play on that flying craft .

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