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UFO from United Kingdom south yorkshire Barnsley

Report ID: 670 Submitted by: reportaufo

Location: United Kingdom, South Yorkshire, Barnsley

Event Date: 03/23/2014  Event Time: 14:17  Submitted: 03/23/2014

Craft Shape: Circle   Number of objects: 2

Additional Details: Haze around the object
Report Details:
I have just gone out side for cigaret and i looked up and i saw a plane in the sky going past form the left to the right of me the plane was easy jet. Out side of jungle jym's centre. Just of Harborugh hill rd going on to meadow st Barnsley S71 1DE.
Looking to ward's Old Mill Lane And i saw 2 UFO going up ward's in the sky like a s bend in the sky then it shot of to the over plane form the same place and 1 of the UFO stop . And was moving the same speed . Has the plane in front of it .It must be about half of mile of his nose of it. Then the 2 UFO shot of and you could see a Bortrex from back of it. And went so fast it made a nose like a BIG bank the 1st UFO went a round the plane not 1 but 2 time's then went i was so shaking i can not believe it what i saw

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