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UFO's spotted over glasgow 26th September

Report ID: 327 Submitted by: Del

Location: United Kingdom, Scotland, Glasgow

Event Date: 09/26/2013  Event Time: 20:10  Submitted: 09/27/2013

Craft Shape: Sphere   Number of objects: 3

Additional Details: Object had lights, Haze around the object
Report Details:
I was taking a taxi ride into the west end of glasgow last night (27th September 2013) and just as we passed Springburn i noticed 2 spherical objected which seemed surrounded by cloud or slightly obscured. I mentioned them to the taxi driver (i would note i was on the way to the pub, not home from it !) The taxi driver was like "ah looks like one of those light beams they have at the festivals, must be something on at Fir park." The two shapes were dancing around each other in roughly eliptical movements but not in any real pattern. I watched them in astonishement for at least a minute updating the driver as to where they were. They only seemed about 500 feet away and maybe 150 feet above the ground. If the source had been a light beam coming from the ground it would have faded away as we drove or got brighter (this didn't happen) surely but the 2 shapes seemed to keep equidistant from us as we drove neither getting brigher or duller, closer or further away. After about a minute a flat blocked them out and when they re-appeared there was another shape more oval in shape, a bit duller and about twice the size. Not following the rough eliptical pattern but more circling round the outside of the other two. Just as we reached the top of Byres road they disappeared or were obscured by the buildings i will never know. I am a 36 year old quanitity surveyor, married with a wife and young daughter and have never thought i believed in UFO's. Can't see any other explaination. Confused - Derek Robertson

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