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Whitish orb seen flying above Camborne also splits

Report ID: 1547 Submitted by: robofi5h
Whitish orb seen flying above Camborne also splits image 1137

Location: United Kingdom, Cornwall, Camborne

Event Date: 02/14/2015  Event Time: 18:05  Submitted: 03/23/2018

Craft Shape: Sphere   Number of objects: 1

Additional Details: Object changed color
Report Details:
While playing a video game with my son, we looked out of our front room window to see what looked like a bright white orb flying towards our house from the north, heading south. Approximately half way along our line of site, the object began to split into two parts that looked the same as the first one. These carried on traveling in the same direction and flew over our house and out of view. The object looked the same as something i saw in Bude back in 1997.

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