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US Navy deck seaman on watch.1979-1980.

Report ID: 521 Submitted by: Forbzy

Location: Gibraltar, Atlantic Ocean, At sea

Event Date: 01/03/2014  Event Time: 01:30  Submitted: 01/09/2014

Craft Shape: Circle   Number of objects: 1

Additional Details: Object had lights
Report Details:
On port lookout 12 midnight- 4am. Reported to combat information center. one very bright round object .bearing course 010 position angle 3. All communication fell silent. No report back from CIC,all eyes where watching but no one was still, then sped off at a high rate of speed. In no possible way could one of our F-14 tomcats reach that kind of speed. My guess was aprox 200,hundred miles in a split second. USS Vulcan AR5, out of Norfolk, VA.1979-1980,med cruise.

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