My friend and I were at a camp called camp Mosaic in napa California. We decided that around three at night we would try to sneak to the girls cabins. So we did, he and I were the only ones up and we were sneaking past the staffs cabins. Boom! I had never been more scared. First it was the light. A blinding blue white light. Then the noise, a loud droning sound, LOUD, coming from over us. I looked halfway up and all the trees were illuminated in blue and white light and some we're falling because the earth started shaking and siding right when it happened. I looked back at my friend and he was looking straight up into the huge light, I bolted. Scared for my life I ran back to my cabin. I figured he was right behind me! Then I reached the cabin and he didn't show up for like another minute. Later he had told me it was like the light had hypnotized him but he had been bleeding because he was hit in the head with a pine one while staring at the light. I had also been hit while I was running. Okay. Here's the creepy part. Kids had reported seeing and hearing strange things that day. I had also. The humming noise was echoing randomly throughout the forest in Napa. At the night campfire we saw a shooting star that only the most ignorant of ignorant people were saying was a shooting star. Also a few girls said they, heard strange clicking sounds outside their cabins. Someone please help. The scariest part. Please I swear this is real, is when I went to sleep that night hours after and my friend said "we are here"! Then he wouldn't wake up! No matter what I did. He woke up the next morning but I couldn't sleep all night. No one believed us! Yet so many people heard the noise and saw the eerie light. The UFO was right over us! A perfect grab!! But we got away. Please I swear on everything this is real. The video I took after of the commotion was erased some how though. Anyone with a same experience please respond. I WAS the epicenter of the 6.0 napa earth quake. And the scary thing is, I'm going back to that camp next week for a whole week... This IS real.