Skeptics maintain that we are alone in the universe, but believers assert that we are not. Some people adamantly declare that extraterrestrial life does exist and that there are many different types of aliens. Some believers claim to have encountered extraterrestrials and even been taken aboard alien spacecraft. Otherworldly beings have been described as different types of humanoid creatures. Some of them are said to look very much like us and could even walk among us unnoticed. But others have been described as looking reptilian or somewhat like an insect.

The most common alien described is the “grey.” The grey aliens have been portrayed in movies and television shows, both as evil and good entities. Most accounts claim that the greys are not to be trusted. It has been reported that there are several subspecies of grey aliens. We are most familiar with the small greys that are approximately 3 ½ to 4 ½ feet tall. These greys are thought to be a worker or servant race to larger greys or a reptilian race.

It is believed that the greys have evolved beyond the need for reproduction and clone their own species. They are thought to be involved in abduction and genetic experiments on humans to create a hybrid species. The greys are said to be emotionless and have little regard for human life. They are also thought to be carnivorous and feed off vital fluids of humans and animals. The greys communicate telepathically. The large greys stand between 6 and 8 feet tall with pale skin, large heads and large eyes. They also emit a foul odor. It is believed they are generally hostile toward humans and oversee the smaller greys. It is believed these greys originated in the Orion star system.

Reptilians are a humanoid race of aliens with reptilian features. They stand 7 to 8 feet tall and have a somewhat cone shaped head. Their skin is scaly and greyish-brown in color. They have three fingers, an opposable thumb and blunt claws. The reptilians are carnivorous and eat a diet similar to humans. They lack compassion and view humans as hostile. The reptilians originated on Earth long before man and live in subterranean areas of the planet. They believe the planet belongs to them and that they will rule Earth once more. There are different species of reptilians also. One reptilian race called the Sirians supposedly originated from Sirius B star system. Alpha Draconians are reptilian beings are said to be staging an invasion to take over the Earth. They do not want humans to be capable of interstellar travel because of the hostile nature of humanity. Another race of reptilians known as the Dracos is a dragon species of winged serpents. These beings are believed to be the “Mothmen” that have been sighted.

There are many other alien races such as the humanlike Nordics. They are tall, beautiful and have a fair complexion. They typically have blonde hair, but may also have red or dark hair. They originate from the Pleiades system and are thought to be a benevolent species, here to assist and defend humankind against the more malevolent greys. The Lyrans are a humanoid species that have feline features. Although there is not much known about this species, they are believed to be tall, strong, agile and benevolent towards humans. The Anakim are believed to be a race of giants that are 9 to 12 feet tall. It is unclear whether they are a hybrid race or an offshoot of humans. It is uncertain if these beings are a remnant of the race of giants mentioned in the Hebrew Bible. According to various sources, there are many other species and subspecies of alien races. Some of them are believed to live among us, while others have been visiting the Earth throughout human history.