Travis Walton was a commercial logger in 1975 in Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest Arizona working a federal contract to clear away the woods when he and his co-workers witnessed something amazing.

At around dusk when it was to dark to continue working Mr. Walton and his companions climbed into their truck and headed out of the logging road. On the way to town, before they reached the city road the saw a bright light and decided to head towards it. They never imagined what they would find.

When they got to the light they saw a large circular or "saucer shaped" craft hovering in the air above them. Travis Walton decided to get out of the truck to have a better look. When he did the other witnesses in the truck testified that a bright light hit him and tossed him to the ground. The driver of the truck then decided to take off in fear.

After they realized that they left their friend and co-worker behind they drove back to the spot to look for him. About 15 to 20 minutes later. He was gone and there was no trace of him or what happened.

When they told their story to the sheriff Chuck Ellison at a time between 7:30 and 8:00 pm he was skeptical and didn't believe them, even though they were pretty shook up. He even said, "If they were acting, they were awfully good at it."

When Travis didn't return the next day a missing person case was filed and the men were being investigated for a possible murder of Travis. The police did a search of the woods looking for any trace of Travis Walton or possible foul play, but found nothing.

At this time the sheriff gave the men a polygraph to see if they were telling the truth. All of the men came back as not lying except one which came back as inconclusive. According to the man that administered the polygraph, "These polygraph examinations prove that these five men did see some object they believed to be a UFO, and that Travis Walton was not injured or murdered by any of these men on that Wednesday."

On November 10th five days after Travis Walton went missing a man called claiming to be him calling from the Heber gas station miles down the road. He was very scared and it was clear he hadn't ate or drank anything in the time he was gone. When he finally did talk he told his amazing story that aliens had abducted him and did experiments on him while strapped to a table.

He described the aliens as most would consider "the grays" with large heads and large dark eyes. He said that at one point he attacked one of the aliens and tried to get away to no avail.

He said he didn't remember being dropped off and said he really didn't want to talk about the terrifying experience any further. Although in the coming years did quite a few interviews which you can listen to.

Over fifteen years later a movie was made of his story and he started talking more about what happened to him and has never changed his story.

If you've never seen the movie, he said it is embellished as Hollywood generally does, but it's a good watch. Fire in the Sky.