All attempts to
whitewash the idea of existence of ‘unidentified flying objects’ – UFO-s – are on
positions exclusively cosmological, i.e., they say, if the universe is
infinite, and there are many inhabited planets (as it is supposed, not
confirmed), then they must come here inevitably, thus forgetting that the
number of planets doesn’t necessarily mean presence of population though on some
of them to say nothing of their presence here on Earth: theory must be proved
with facts. Clumsy efforts to resist this UFO theory also rely on the same
figures of the alleged presence of extraterrestrial civilizations, but these
opponents try to interpret them in their favor, without much success.

Talk about the countless
worlds and living beings abiding there is an obvious substitute for the
original formulation of the question: whether there were aliens from another
planet on Earth? That is how the question was raised at the time of Roswell
incident. UFO problem cannot be solved even by direct observation of living
beings, for the sake of simplicity let's say, on the Moon: the UFO theory
raises the question of aliens on Earth or in near-Earth space, and nowhere else.

Lack of any evidence
from advocates of UFO allows you to reply from the point of view of common
sense. It doesn’t matter how many civilizations there are in the Universe, it
is important how many of them have visited us or can be observed in the nearest

In early times noodles
for hanging on the gullible public’s ears was prepared by simple stretching
dough on the table, and common conception for fooling people was simple: we speak
– you believe. Some smart people decided to improve fairy tales for children so
that they could serve the adults.

The fiery jaws of a
three-headed adversary were the nozzles of the spacecraft, and a graceful
mortar with an old woman and her broom in it was a sophisticated mobile
vehicle, today’s equivalent for the moon trike.

Other smart people
picked up this brilliant idea of “scientific” lie and suggested that megaliths
throughout the world were the encrypted messages to future civilizations of our
planet – such an obvious thing, yet no one noticed before! A hog-wash started
to flood papers and the radio.

At around the same time,
scientists (not the scientists who rubbed noodles, but real ones who read fairy
tales only in their childhood), aware of the weakness of contemporary
astronautics as to the ability to shake hands with other civilizations,
undertook practical steps to establish direct or indirect contact with other
civilizations – they sent a radio signal into the outer space.

In this short impulse they
scientifically represented basic information about our galaxy, our planet, and
the people inhabiting it and their modest achievements.

That is, while we were -
and still are - on a much lower level of development compared to those who
could come here from other worlds, – we found a way to introduce our civilization
in a much more dignified manner than aliens who stepped forth as no more than quarry
workers, – we did our best in order not to disgrace Space and Time, having used
fresh scientific achievements.

The afar civilization
that spent huge amounts of money (possibly, foreign exchange reserves of theirs)
to fly to the Earth, found no other way to leave a good memory of themselves
but the like of monkey business – installation on end stone sculptures.

Instead, they could  at least make the mortgage inscription on a
plate of yet unknown metal; or wrap a couple of computers in the plastic bags made
by the best company of their planet and put them under the stone statues, – my
God, what would cost stickers alone (here on Earth, of course)!

They could also leave an
e-mail and web page, and a real address, and so on – for them it was not
necessary to be afraid of the FBI or the KGB. Fantasy relevant!

One thing is clear:
space aliens from the past would have left us something more akin to the
activity of the brain, rather than muscles.

It would be appropriate
to recall that the quasi-scientists have tried in various areas: they invented
Bigfoot Yeti and the miracle of Loch Ness monster, teleportation…, but that's
another topic.

A luxury thought to launch
a promising sell embodied in the idea of UFOs. In fact, it does not require any
solidity but pouring out of a sieve: you can always go back on their word, and let
those lame under the hat NLO-travelers themselves be responsible for all that
was said into their name.

Here, for example, the
UFO approached the Earth – it's time to ask why it makes no attempt to land?
What is it afraid of? That smart boy in the UFO would, perhaps, think: since it
is the first time in 1000 years, I got to the habitable planet, it's better to
land and have a drink at some café around the corner!

And why these poor
fellows’ star-jets without end crash with an explosion near the Earth?  They could, at last, make a parachute jump,
catapult, or even to climb down a rope. Fans are known to find the smallest
coins using metal detectors, but no one of them has ever found parts of
collapsed spaceship.

The survival rate is
zero, – 100% mortality. The Earth's space program does not know of such loss,
even though it is still in the cradle, on a cosmic scale.

Why spaceships are
always sure to shine? Lit from within? From the standpoint of the need to land
or to navigate near the Earth no lights are required.  To move with as much speed to glow from
friction - stupid, this is surely well known even to pseudo-scientists.

It is believed that
other planets inhabited by intelligent beings should not differ significantly
in their size from Earth. Therefore, the resources of all kinds should be
comparable to those of the Earth’s. Having exhausted their home planet by raising
funds for the space journey, they finally got the goal; yet to lead such a
half-hearted policy in establishing communication with Earth – if they do not
land, they are not allowed home for bungling.

The number of meteorites
flying by the planet or falling to Earth and burn up in the atmosphere is
immeasurably greater than the number of supposed "UFO-occurrences".
Curious enough, but the number of descriptions of the falls of meteorites is
much smaller than the number of "documented" visits to our planet: the
mathematical theory of probability has been put topsy turvy.

Further, the number of
UFO reports is so large that the universe must be just swarming civilizations.
In fact, given that various civilizations that had sent spaceships could hardly
come to terms with each other and send them only to Earth; obviously, they
would have to write down the route lists to all the ends of the Universe. That
is, they would scurry to and fro in the far and near space before our eyes, and
thus we could send out invitations and choose those who pay more.

Meteorites, thousands of
them, were found by average people, not by astronomers who are supposed to be
the first persons to investigate the case. Isn’t it strange that all “facts” of
coming UFOs are found within the fold of FBI, KGB and military generals. The
more secrecy the less output. Imagination, you are welcome!

If Earth suffers swarming
hordes of UFOs, the probability of a long-awaited meeting with them should only
increase, rather than decrease.  Involuntarily,
the idea arises, the one of the inevitability of a preliminary radio contact
with the Earth starship. Even radio amateurs could easily tune to the first
signals from artificial satellites. Anyway, Voyager successfully communicates
with Earth by the boundaries of the solar system, and in fact this is just the
automatic machine – no problem.

Roswell incident, as the
father of all UFO-cases, can be considered as an immutable fact that something
bright has only flown in the sky, and that may be similar to an explosion of
something earthly, not necessarily cosmic. Not enough for the far-reaching

Roswell incident turned
to be bonanza for UFO’s supporters. However, one should and must remember that
UFOs are to be supposed physical entities. Yet, physics, as an exact science,
requires that all theories have been confirmed by facts or experiments.

The archaeologists of
19-20 centuries claimed the Bible untrue just on the basis of their “scientific”
thinking. But very soon they were rebuked by their own excavations in Biblical
territories – within the last decades the very smallest historical facts of
those times have now been proved as true. Yet those lovers of UFOs try to bring
evidence to their rose thoughts with words only.

We have not mentioned the cases of abductions by
aliens, but somehow it would not be desirable, such benevolence drops to
perfect insanity.

One can feel jealous
even as slackers officially and legally feed on the idea of UFOs. Interestingly
enough, if there is more available space for those who want to join the noble
team of writers about UFOs?

All the above mentioned facts,
and similar to them, on closer examination turn out to be the product of
speculative conclusions. Accordingly, no one should be offended by the fact
that they are opposed by speculative thinking in the same manner, meaning this
writing, of course. Children are clever enough not to ask for evidence for
those fairy tales grownups tell them by the bed: such evidence would ruin their
inner world. Grownups demand that children confirm their stories about wet
boots in dry weather and bad marks taken from school. These very grownups
swallow readily that gibberish about UFOs! With no precautions as to the truth.

A wonderful analyses has been made
by W. A. Harbinson in his “UFO Phenomena and the Bible”. It would be useless to
try to surpass this book’s objectives, just the same as to wish to shoot more
points than 100 out of 100. Why this amazing essay could not persuade those
readers who went astray (by reading uncountable UFO essays) and stayed there

It seems that the main
deception of mankind is still being hatched in the depths of the hardworking brains
of fans of shocking conduct. And it will certainly surpass all combined together:
Bigfoot, Loch Ness and UFOs! Just give them time.